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HuffPost Arabi is Live

The first Arabic venture by the massive online news empire, The Huffington Post, is making serious waves less than 24 hours after it's launch.

The Huffington Post has launched its latest international edition, HuffPost Arabi, dedicating coverage to the entire Arab World and the Arab diaspora around the globe.
The new Arabic language edition is expected to capture the lives, stories and struggles of a people caught between hope for freedom, a great civilization and poverty, gender inequality, and dictatorship and sectarian power struggles.

HuffPost Arabi is expected to give them a voice, which is often unheard or told by outsiders looking in, said Huffington Post co-founder and editor-in-chief, Arianna Huffington, in a column Monday introducing the publication's latest edition. HuffPost Arabi will provide on sight, comprehensive and in-depth coverage of political and business news and issues as well as showcase the Arab World's rich culture, art, religions, food and talent. 
A special section called Huloul will be dedicated to showcasing "What's Working" and to providing solutions to problems. HuffPost Arabi will also provide a blog platform to allow students, young professionals, artists, writers, activists and politicians share their perspective and tell their personal stories. 

HuffPost Arabi will work in collaboration with Wadah Khanfa and Integral Media Strategies, Huffington said. The Huffington Post has 13 other international editions and more than 200 million followers around the world. Anas Fouda, an Egyptian who spent most of his life in various Arab countries and in Turkey, will serve as HuffPost Arabi's editor-in-chief.