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In-Home Gas Readings Have Been Temporarily Stopped

Gas readings have been halted in order to limit social interaction due to COVID-19.


In the latest move aimed at limiting social interaction during the Coronavirus lockdown, the president of Petrotrade, Waseem Wahdan, announced that the company’s employees will no longer be entering the homes of civilians in order to read the gas meter.

With the exception of large villas and companies where Petrotrade employees don’t need to enter the facility, Egyptians will now need to use alternative methods to read their gas meters and pay their bills. Citizens can do so online using the Petrotrade website to enter their meter’s information and calculate the bill. Then you can pay the bill through the website, or by using a payment service (like Fawry, Aman or Khadamati), or through phone cash if you’re an Al Ahly Bank customer.

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