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Incredible Dutch Documentary Uses SpyPhone to Capture The Life of an Egyptian Thief

Dutch Filmmaker Anthony van der Meer releases a documentary short entitled Find My Phone, in which he sets up a decoy phone to record the activities of the thief who took it. Spoiler Alert: Thief turns out to be Egyptian.

No one likes having their phone stolen, but few of us ever do anything about it. That wasn’t the case with dutch filmmaker Anthony van der Meer, who after having his phone stolen, decided to rig a decoy spy phone to document the life of phone thieves. Spoiler Alert; Thief turns out to be Egyptian.

Refusing to sit back and lament about his stolen smartphone, Amsterdam native filmmaker van der Meer decided to learn more about the kind of people who steal phones and where their precious hardware finally ends up. In order to capture the life of a thief, van der Meer pre-loaded his decoy device with anti-theft software, that would give him access not only to the location of the device but allow him to use the camera and microphone to spy on the jerk who took his phone.

Amazingly it took four days before anyone would take the bait and steal the phone. Over the next two weeks, van der Meer secretly filmed and recorded the activities of the thief, discovering that his nationality is Egyptian. Once he had enough content, van der Meer put together a documentary entitled Find my Phone, which is as thrilling as it is disturbing and provides a unique look into the life of a scum bag. The video has quickly gone viral amassing over 1.5 million views in four days and is definitely worth the watch.