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Instagram Video Feature

Soon we can all make Lana Del Rey-style videos, only they'll be filled with trivial things like our feet and dinner...

Have you ever had one of those days when you'd wake up and feel like you're in a Lana Del Rey music video? The sky's all faded, the streets are empty, and you're in your best hipster get up; it just feels like your life's all Sierra'd (see: Instagram Filters). You're strutting down the street, blasting Summertime Sadness and you just NEED to take a video of your inconsequential yet highly cinematic street jaunt. But you're Lana; your videos HAVE to be in a 1977 filter (see: Instagram Filters. Again). Whatever will you do?

Fear not, for rumor has it that Instagram is launching a video feature for their wildly successful app come June 20th. For a dramatic and somewhat self-proclaimed diva as myself, Instagram launching a video app with its trademark filters is like a trip to Disney Land. Not all do people get to see every boring detail of my trivial life in still pictures, now they can WATCH those trivial moments too!

However, this launch means no good news for the Twitter-owned app, Vine. Vine allows avid social media users to post videos and cross-link them to different social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and whatnot. However, if the rumors are true and Instagram do launch that video feature, then Vine is in (excuse my French) some deep shit. Who wouldn't want to post a video that's all glammed up with a really cool filter? 

While stealing Vine's only saving grace is a bit of a low blow, it was kind of a given that Instagram would eventually delve into the video platform.