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Internationally Renowned Egyptian Photojournalist Holds Very First Exhibition in Cairo

From Egypt, to Ethiopia, to South Africa, Jonathon Rashad's exhibition documents the singularity of the human experience across our vast continent.

New Exhibition by Egyptian Photojournalist Jonathan Rashad Documents Humanitarian Crises Across Africa 

While the work of Egyptian photojournalist, Jonathan Rashad, has been exhibited across the world and seen on the likes of National Geographic, Time Magazine and the New York Times, this weekend marks the very first time that Rashad's work has been displayed in Egypt.

"I've had several exhibitions in Europe and the United State," he tells CairoScene. "It’s a shame I've never had one in Egypt until now. I was born and raised here and I have so many connections to the subjects that I have photographed, and so it means a lot to me on a personal level."

Said connections were made and subjects captured during Rashad's travels through Egypt, Ethiopia and South Africa between 2012 and 2018 and document a humanitarian crises across all the countries. 

"As my travels extended to Ethiopia and South Africa, spending months in these places, I came across endless humanitarian crisis, especially in South Africa."

So poignant and personal are the photos to Rashad, that the exhibition is being held at his private residence in Garden City.

"Putting this exhibition together wasn't easy. Starting with the curation, which I had to do myself, I knew I had one element that tied all these pieces together, which was the human experience, captured through out the many faces and lands, eventually telling one story. "

For more information about the address and the exhibition, which runs till June 1st, check the event page and Rashad's Website and Instagram.