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Is This Egypt's Sexiest Sports Anchor?

The fact that we have a female sports anchor in Egypt alone is kind of a big deal, but Al-Nahar's Shaimaa Saber has gotten tongues wagging all over the world with her super-fitted CD Nacional football shirt.

Football blogs across the world have a new crush, and she's Egyptian! Earlier this week, Al-Nahar Sport's Shaimaa Saber's live six-minute football news round up certainly stood out from the rest of her TV appearances as she swapped your average blazer and shirt combo for a display of support for Portugal's CD Nacional, becoming every football fan in Egypt's dream come true. Admit it, guys - you've all had the fantasy of your crush/girlfriend/wife dressed in nothing but a football shirt. While we assume that Saber was indeed wearing pants under her desk, the point stands nonetheless. 

Why CD Nacional, you ask? Well, currently four Egyptian players are on their squad - Ali Ghazal, Gomaa, Aly Fathy and Ezzat. We applaude Saber for supporting our players abroad.