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Italian Girl Creates Facebook Page To Find Her Dream Egyptian Boy

Forget 'American boy's, this girl is out on a mission to find her dream boy that she met in London one fateful New Year's Eve. Can the Internet help her find her Egyptian boy?

Hello... Is it me you're looking for?

That's probably the message Roberta Martino has been getting since she created the Facebook community Egyptian boy, where are you? in search of a stranger she met in London one fateful day. Creating her own Craigslist-style Missed Connections page - where she's actually looking for a missed connection and not sure-to-be-disappointing sex with strangers - Martino is in search of an Egyptian boy who captured her heart after fireworks on New Year's Eve. Dreamy. He stopped her by Odeon Cinema on Shaftesbury Avenue one hour into the new year, and while we know the story doesn't end there, Martino leaves us with one hell of a cliffhanger that's making us eager to help her find her Egyptian boy.

Believed to live in London because of his perfect English, here's what we know about Roberta Martino's Egyptian boy...

Height: around 180 cm
Age: around 30
Location: London, maybe
Ethnicity: Egyptian

Ladies and gentlemen, start your [search] engines. Have you seen this Egyptian boy?

Will Roberta Martino find her beloved Egyptian boy? We're definitely going to tune in and find out.