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Janet Jackson, is That You in a Hijab?

In a TMZ-like manner, the CairoScene table this morning had some conflicting opinions on whether this was a hijab or not.

Ever since Janet Jackson exchanged rings and vows with Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Manna, her lifestyle shift has been an interest to global media. It seems like some of them can't grasp the fact that marrying a man from a different culture comes with its changes. But, also, guess what? Marriage changes people. So, you can imagine how big of a deal it was when she married a Muslim man – tabloid media's wet dream – because news of her conversion to Islam quickly surfaced, which she never confirmed.

Since she has been private with what she chooses to share about her marriage, you already know paparazzi's wildest dreams came true when she took a stroll down the streets of London last week with that very man. But, no, not because she's shopping for baby stuff while miraculously healthy and pregnant at 50 – no, it was the hijab-like attire she chose to put on one idle afternoon. We're not surprised, though; we know media has always been interested in Jackson's clothes – or accidental lack thereof.

After a long and heated debate that interrupted our morning meeting, because we at CairoScene all believe that our opinions are pivotal, we concluded that the piece(s) Jackson was rocking are either: A) a hoodie with a headband, B) a hijab, C) just a new type of poncho (she's married to a billionaire, what do we know about fashion?), D) a galabiya, and E) all of the above.

Take a look and judge for yourself. Not that it actually matters if she's in a hijab or not, because she also looks like she's in love, happiness, and perfect health!

All images courtesy of Mirror UK.