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Jeff de Bruges Now Open in Zamalek

All we wanted for Christmas was Jeff de Bruges and the chocolate wonderland has finally landed is Zamalek!

All we want for Christmas is Jeff de Bruges… or maybe just his chocolates. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Jeff de Bruges is THE BEST Belgian chocolate ever created. Luckily our wish came true and the store is now open in Zamalek. We know, we can’t believe it either, but it's true. Once you taste this silky smooth chocolaty heaven, you will absolutely sinfully indulge in it. “We offer good chocolates in varied and always renewed packaging. We also elaborate new recipes in tune with the seasons, so our client can always enjoy a new product,” says Philippe Jambon, the Founding President. Its rich taste and sweet sensation will automatically melt in your mouth. Whether you want to treat yourself or simply send out a gift, Jeff de Bruges will draw a smile on your face.

Your heart will ache for more once you take the first bite and find crackling hazelnuts under your teeth; the irresistible taste is sweeter than honey. "With passion from a very young age running around in the chocolate makers' workshops, I was able to observe the magical effect of chocolate,” says Jambon. Some are infused with mint, some with orange, and others with cherry; the list goes on, but no need to say more, we’ve got you tempted enough. Don’t even get us started on the truffles; for all you dark chocolate lovers, they have a 70 per cent dark chocolate truffle! They also have other creamy chocolates, such as praline dark chocolate mousse, yum! Excuse us while we go stuff our faces… nom, nom, nom! Thank you Santa, for bringing Jeff de Bruges to Cairo. 

You can check out their Facebook page here.