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Jet Skiers Gone Wild...Alexandria Edition

Recent flooding in Alexandria has caused jet skiers to have a field day! Don't ever let anyone tell you Egyptians aren't a resourceful bunch...

Looking like a scene out of the movie Water World, Alexandria's streets just experienced massive flooding, leaving the only way to get around by jet ski. Obviously. 

Khaled Ibn El Waleed street was the most damaged and was so flooded it was reminiscent of a ghetto-inspired Venice. The Mayor of Alexandria apologised to residents explaining on TV that the cause of the flood appears to be the result of heavy rains and a sewer back up. Making matters worse is the news that one of the machines used to drain streets from floods was malfunctioning and required repairs.

Eventually the machine was fixed, but for three hours, water continued to pour out of sewers and onto the streets giving some the opportunity to take their boats off for a cruise, and jet skiers the opportunity to skip the traffic and take a rip around the block. Those looking to make a quick buck established a taxi service and could be seen taking people from building to building by boat for about 10 pounds. 

Thankfully the flood lasted long enough for some great pictures and videos to be captured.
Photos below courtesy of Safinaz Bayoumy.