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Jews & Muslims in Xmas Miracle

A UK synagogue was facing closure by Bradford City Council, until the Muslim community in the area rallied together to help their Jewish neighbours.

In a shocking move, Jews and Muslims have stopped killing each other at last, instead preferring to work together - and no, we're not making this up. Reform Synagogue in Bradford, UK was facing closure until a group of local Muslims stepped in and helped raise funds to repair the temple's roof.

The building had suffered extensive damage and Jewish leaders were faced with the possibility of selling the synagogue, forcing worshippers to travel elsewhere to pray. But all was not lost as the city's big-hearted Muslim community stepped in to raise more than £2,000 and ultimately save the day. A Christmas miracle no doubt - although we're not sure either group would be overly keen on the term.

Zulfi Karim, secretary of Bradford Council of Mosques, said: "It makes me proud that we can protect our neighbours and at the same time preserve an important part of Bradford's cultural heritage."

"Many people do seem to be massively taken aback that the Jewish and Muslim community are working hand-in-hand, when all you seem to hear about Bradford are the nasty things.

"We want to make sure this synagogue is protected, long-term, a heritage site for the whole community."

If the collaboration can "contribute just a little towards peace and harmony, then so much the better." The works are due to start to start this month. Now that's the true spirit of the holiday season...