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Jihadists Kill British Soldier

Two Jihadists ran over a British soldier in London yesterday, before hacking him to death on the street.

A HEROINE strokes a young soldier lying dead in the road yesterday as a cleaver-wielding jihadist who tried to behead him crows: “We swear by almighty Allah!”

The above is the main headline on one of the UK's biggest daily newspapers this morning.

Yesterday in Woolwich, a suburb of London, a British soldier was run over then hacked to death by two Jihadists, chanting Islamist slogans. Witnesses stated that the unnamed soldier had been practically decapitated.

The killers made no attempt to flee — instead proudly strutting around as they waited for police as a passerby bravely attempted to convince them not to kill anyone else.

The ranting pair, who paused to film themselves as they hacked at their victim, used the 20 minutes it took for armed officers to arrive to demand witnesses also capture their savagery on mobile phones. One, clad in black and his hands soaked in blood as he clutched a cleaver and a knife, boasted: “It is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth — by Allah.”

One of the terrorists — both thought to be al-Qaeda-inspired “lone wolves” — rushed towards the police car when it arrived, as his friend raised his pistol.Two officers immediately opened fire. Both the fanatics fell wounded and were taken to custody.

This killing is likely to stem further anti-Islamic sentiment in the West, with many people questioning why Europe and the US continue to support Islamist governments in the Middle East and Asia.