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Jordan Man Comes Back From Dead in Morgue

After being pronounced dead, a Jordanian man is believed to have come back to life and died once again, all while being trapped in a freezer.

A Jordanian man spent his final moments in a living nightmare after waking up in a morgue freezer. The unnamed man was pronounced dead by medics at the Princess Basma hospital in Irbid after spending months in a coma. However an autopsy later found that the man had in fact died from extreme cold after coming back to life and trying to escape from the hospital's morgue freezer.

Union head Kassem Masri said: "There were signs of attempts by the man  to get out of of the morgue refrigerator before he died from extreme cold. The forensic report pointed to traces of movement while in the refrigerator, bending of the feet, movement of the hands, and the presence of foam on his face."

Jordanian Health Ministry spokesman Hatem Alozraei claimed that they were now investigating the circumstances behind the case.