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Jordan's Autostrad Band Takes Over CFC For A Free Concert On Thursday

Arabic Indie Jordanian band Autostrad will be taking the Autostrad to get to Cairo Festival City Mall where they'll be playing for free this Thursday.

If you make the decision of taking a 50-minute plane ride to Amman, you will sure stumble upon certain aspects that have have charmed many who visit it and made them fall in love with it. The crazy delicious and greasy mansaf dish of yellow rice and dry yogurt (jameed) cooked and made into an otherworldly sauce topped with piles and piles of meat and usually eaten using hands; the pretty old buildings around 1st Circle area; the traditional kouffeyah worn by almost every old man there in winter; and of course the infamous Autostrad – just some of the elements you’re bound to come across.

Meaning ‘highway’, Jordanian band Autostrad has truly taken Jordan, as well as the entire Middle East, by storm. The Amman-based Arabic Indie band, who released their first album in 2008, are now ranked among the top five bands in the Middle East region. Autostrad’s Indie music is infused with societal messages about the city and its dwellers, from love and financial challenges to other dilemmas and struggles revolving around the (Arab) individual. The band also takes care to add traditional and region-specific references and messages to their music that Jordanians and other Arabs can effortlessly relate to.

Now that we've built up the hype about Autostrad, you know we would never tease you like that and leave you high and dry, especially since most of you probably aren't planning on hopping on a plane and travelling to Amman anytime soon. But, don’t worry; if you can’t go to see Autostrad, they’re coming here to see you.

This Thursday, Autostrad will be playing in Cairo for free (and no, this is not a joke) at 8 PM at the Amphitheatre at Cairo Festival City Mall. Yes, seating is free, but it’s on a first come, first serve basis, after which the entrance will be shut once full capacity has been reached.

You really don’t want to miss out on this incredible music experience, so let go of your Egyptian timing and show up early enough to snag yourself a seat for this unforgettable performance.

For more about the band, you can check them out on Facebook as well as Instagram.