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Kalam Fady: DJ Safi

We find out all the things you didn't need to know about DJ Safi ahead of his gig alongside Percussion Show tomorrow at Cairo Jazz Club.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 8th October, DJ Safi will be taking to the decks with the Percussion Show at Cairo Jazz Club. From experience, this is undoubtedly one of the most fun, most energetic and most dance-inducing experiences in town and we can't wait to get shake what our respective mamas gave us on the dance floor. In anticipation for the performance, we've hit Safi up for the first our Kalam Fady series of interviews with the MC/DJ/Winner at life:

If you had a pet Siamese rock, what would you call it?

Rocky IV or Rocky Barboa (for extra affection), sounds just about right.

You wake up one day and your hands have turned into vintage record players. Do you...

A) Alert the media, you're like a superhero.

B) Stay in bed crying with Kool & The Gang’s Celebration playing on repeat on your right hand, smashing the coffee mug with your left because you can't hold it.

C) Join a band but just ironically clap your two vintage record player hands together as opposed to play music on them.

D) Other (Please explain).

Loving option C actually, but would probably end up learning how to load the vinyl and mix with my feet and keep on spinning! That would definitely be ace for the DJing career, borderline Cirque Du Soleil shit!

When was the last time you Safi-ed someone?

Well, if you really look at it, there is no point in "time" that is not "now" at some point. With that in mind, the time you are trying to refer to is in fact, out of time itself, that is if your views of time are of a linear nature, which mine, sadly, are  not. Through the possible unreality of it all, one can conclude that the last time someone got Safi-ed, was indeed, just now.

Is it true that, when at home, you MC your own life?

Hell yeah! One of the ultimate joys of life. We have the option to make grabbing fruit from a fridge or switching on the TV the most exciting movie trailer/documentary in human history, yet we do not utilise this option on a regular basis. I do not understand why and I’m not sure that I should, really. Custom MC'ing other people's lives is the natural next step. We can discuss a fee for this.

Who is your favourite character in the movie MVP 2 (Most Vertical Primate 2)?

You know, although it may not seem so at first, a chimp on average is about nine times stronger than an adult male, so these boys can literally chop you limb from limb. So it's gotta be Jack for sure.

What's the strangest dream you've ever had?

Too many of those to nail just one, but recently one involved wing suit diving, sharks and Rosario Dawson, all in a Burning Man type setting.

If you had to listen only to Trance or this Vine on repeat for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Already humming a Trance tune with his vocals mixed into it, you may be onto something here guys!

How do you deal with spiders in your house?

Generally let them be, they're never a bother. We've all had spiders crawl into our mouths while we sleep, that's scientific fact. If it's freaking someone in the house out, I'll just pick it up (gently) with a tissue and release it outside. Always more pleasant than cleaning up a dead bug. On the other hand, geckos are free to roam around the house, so I don’t have much  of a bug problems anyway. True stories. #FreeGeckos

Train A is travelling at 60 mph and train B is travelling at 70 mph. Train A leaves Ramses Station at 12:20 PM. If train B passes the same station at 12:32 PM, what is the likelihood that this is the worst interview you've ever had?

You know at first, actually thought you guys spelt "Ramsis" wrong but a quick Google later reveals that it's actually spelt Ramses, or Ramesses, which is a right kerfuffle because apparently no one owns the official rights of how to fricking spell it. The whole thing just escalated really quickly.

What can we expect from you at your Cairo Jazz Club gig?

Percussion Show in the house! Always a pleasure spinning alongside them, they ARE the show! The energy they bring to the dance floor is insane! So expect it to get loud and happy  with plenty of moving hips! We'll be jamming together to some Afrobeat, some Latin jams and wherever else the music takes us. Beach vibes with a twist!

Safi and Percussion show play at Cairo Jazz Club on 8th October starting 7 PM. Book here