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Khofo Pyramid to Glow With Blue Light For Autism Month

Egypt attempts to raise awareness of the developmental disability by joining Autism Awareness Day.

The Egyptian Autism Society has come up with a brilliant way to raise awareness for the little talked about disease in Egypt that is affecting up to 1 in 500 individuals around the globe: the biggest of the Great Pyramids, Khofo, will be covered in blue light, the colour associated with the disease, on April 2nd for Autism Awareness Day, to make autism a conversation around the landmark, in Egypt, and around the world.

Despite the fact that many Egyptians are affected by autism, few actions are taken to support the proper development of a special needs child. Autistic children are usually diagnosed during the first three years of their lives and often don’t have any symptoms apart from appearing to live in their own world. Naturally, diagnosis, education and development of autism in Egypt has a long way to go to properly support affected children. With “shedding a light” on Autism in Egypt via shedding light on the pyramids, the Autism Society is celebrating Autism Month, which is officially starting on April 1st. Many events are planned to make autism a discussion in schools and households around Egypt. For more information on Autism Month and the Egyptian Autism Society, click here