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Kickin' Back with Egyptian Shopping App

Why shop til you drop when you can buy some of Egypt's best brands and items with a swipe of a touchscreen? We get to know Kickin' - the latest homegrown app to hit the marketplace.

Marketing has evolved from a market of needs to desires, turning consumers into shopholics who spend hours looking for something unique to temporarily fill said desire. Just like marketing changed over the ages, so has shopping, and looking to make the experience fun, easier and tailored to your unique style is Egyptian app Kickin'.

Kickin' is the newest app that makes shopping for your unique items easy. With a cool, user friendly interface, the app collects colourful and creative products from across the country that speak volume of who you are or want to be. Kickin' provides a wide range of products from clothing and accessories to home decor and furniture, many of which are locally made including brands like Nas, Nada Akram and Pouffy.

Downloading the app we were instantly drawn, like Batman to the Bat Signal, to the awesome Batman bookshelf shelf and the quirky but colourful recycled tire coffee table.

Available for both Android and iOS phones, Kickin' is sure to have you rethink leaving the house to go shopping and suffocate in Cairo's notorious shopping malls. Kickin' helps you break away from the pack focusing on taste, quality, and the all important coolness factor.

Find out more about Kickin' on their Facebook page here.