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Kicking Mama on TV? 3eib!

A Lebanese teenager has reached internet notoriety (the worst kind!) after fly-kicking his own mother on national TV. Check out the crazy video here...

Every family has it's own set of problems. Sure, we have all yelled and gotten angry with our parents, who just don't seem to understand. Well, yelling and screaming is one thing but kicking your mother in the face on live national television is going entirely too far.

The incident occurred in Lebanon on a show called “Bil Akeed” or “For Sure” which aims to reunite broken families helping them resolve their issues. Despite 14-year-old Ahmed's reluctance to appear on the show, producers eventually convinced him to appear. After a verbal battle where Ahmed's mother claimed that she divorced his father for being an abusive drunk, visibly furious, Ahmed eventually blew up, jumping on the table and kicking his mother almost directly in the face. The altercation ended there as just about everyone on set jumped on the child to restrain him. Obviously the episode caused a social media storm, prompting the host of the program, Zaven Kouyoumdjian, to promise to personally resolve the issue.

 In the end, the son proved his mother's point as she claimed his father was a physically abusive drunk, and by trying to kick her on national television, Ahmed proved the cliche is father like son.