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Krak Is Not Wack

You can't shake a stick without hitting a new fashion designer in Egypt but Krak Baby, now available on stands apart...

When your Egyptian friends say they’re coming out with a fashion line, it usually means you should wait a year and a half  before being forced to pay 1000LE for a half-assed piece of plastic with a kaf on it, and then promote it on your Facebook like it’s the next best thing since sliced bread and snap backs. For Moustafa Moussa and Hatem Hannoun, it was different. With a keen-eye for bold pop art and kitsch graphics, they set out to make an Egyptian brand that is actually cool, affordable and that their friends actually want to wear. And so Krak Baby came kicking and screaming into the world.

You’ve probably seen a bunch of guys at parties rocking the Krak Baby brand by now, showcasing an Egyptian touch on popular 80′s and 90′s culture as well as some slick Camo-pocket tees. According to the founders, Krak Baby represents the time period in which they were born: 
Kids grew up watching their favorite athletes, actors, musicians and cartoons, or vigorously feeding their addiction playing video games. The line draws influence from the underlying theme of the television being our vice, playing an integral role in who we are today. The esoteric designs and limited quantities of each product means that Krak Baby isn’t for everyone, and it isn’t supposed to be.
Best DJ in the universe Aly B rocking a Krak Baby 'POPS' Tee
After trying the t-shirts firsthand, their guarantee of 100% Egyptian cotton and stringent quality control is by no means an oversell. The tees have that perfect cut that any guy would gladly fill his wardrobe with and they feel as soft as a baby’s bottom, no pun intended.

Their attention to detail has been one of the biggest reasons for the success of the brand so far, and we absolutely love the packaging. All Krak Baby t-shirts are packaged in a way that plays off of the narcotics theme, drawing inspiration from evidence bags or ‘baggies’. Drugs might be bad, but these t-shirts are fucking great.

Krak Baby is now available on for same day delivery. Shop the collection here.