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Kuwait Returns Smuggled Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus Lid

The sarcophagus - which disappeared from Egypt in March of 2018 - is finally being returned to Egypt after being found hidden in a sofa.

ancient egyptian sarcophagus in kuwait

An ancient Egyptian wooden sarcophagus lid that was once smuggled to Kuwait is being returned to Egypt, after seven months in absence.

The coffin lid was found hidden within a sofa while it was being shipped. Kuwait Airways' officers discovered it as the shipment was being scanned at the cargo terminal.

The Egyptian Embassy in Kuwait then received the sarcophagus lid on Monday. They will be delivering the artefact to the Antiquities Restoration Department at the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. The embassy went on to thank Kuwaiti authorities and the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their joint cooperation.

Kuwaiti authorities have reiterated their stance on the smuggling of ancient artefacts, stating that Kuwaiti laws strictly prohibit the theft of antiquities due to their integral cultural and historical values. 

This isn't the first time smuggled ancient Egyptian artefacts find their way back to Egypt; in fact, the Egyptian parliament applied tougher penalties for the theft of ancient Egyptian artefacts in 2017. 

Main image from Arab News.