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L'Orientale Listening

CJC turns things up a notch with the wild and wacky Yacoub Abu Ghosh and Uss W Laz2 this Saturday.

Saturday L’Oriental, this week on the 13th April, is another night not to miss at Cairo Jazz Club, as they bring in the renowned Yacoub Abou Ghosh fresh off the boat from Jordan for some swinging sounds. The revered composer, performer, producer and arranger is considered to be one of the pioneers of the alternative music scene in his homeland and as we all know, Jordan is way ahead of the curve when it comes to underground music.

Though often (loosely) labeled as Jazz-Fusion, Abou Ghosh’s sound is far more distinct. So if you’re coming along excepting hotel lobby-style music, you’re in for a surprise. Honing his skills for almost 16 years now, the maestro has all but trademarked his quirky blend of Arabian sounds and modern arrangements. Known for improvising, playing off the vibe of the crowd, no two of his performances are the same, meaning his upcoming gig at CJC is guaranteed to be like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

Abou Ghosh might be classically trained and as experienced as any conductor you’d find in the pits of the world’s finest opera houses, but that’s where the similarities stop. With a mop of curly hair, often topped with a stylish fedora, the Jordanian Jazz man is more into jumping around and rocking the bass guitar than poise and perfection. You can almost see the music streaming out of his pores as he commands both the stage and his ensemble into a frenzy; this, ladies and gentleman, is what you call a crowd-pleaser, no matter what kind of music the audience is into.

Before Abou Gosh converts you into a disciple of his, you’ll need to be warmed up of course. His style is not for the faint of heart, so to ease you in the ever vivacious Uss W Laz2 will start the night with their mixed bag of musical styles. From Indie covers to Folkloric fusion, there’s literally something for everyone in their rambunctious repertoire, underlined by a touch of humour and a ton of energy.


Saturday L’Orientale at CJC, Saturday 13th April from 8PM. To reserve your spot use