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L’Alessandria Degli Italiani: A New Documentary That's All About Italian History in Alexandria

This documentary will premiere at AUC Tahrir’s Ewart Hall on January 22nd.

L’Alessandria Degli Italiani

'L’Alessandria Degli Italiani', or The Alexandria of the Italians, is a new documentary that will take us through the architectural and artistic influence that the Italian community had in Alexandria after the reign of Mohamed Ali onwards.

The documentary was created over the span of a year and a half, and was written and directed by owner of In Magazine Alexandria Centre Osama Moharem and Nadim Kanawati. It was produced by InMagazine Documentary Films, Dan Studios, and Re Bianco Studio. Visual artist and Alexandria native, Mai Koraiem, also contributed to the film with her signature style sketches that complement the content of the documentary.

The film was made with to promote the historical and cultural facets of Alexandria that may not be known to the wider Egyptian public. L’Alessandria Degli Italiani will premiere at AUC Tahrir’s Ewart Hall on January 22nd, and we are so ready to say buongiorno.

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