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L'Oreal: From Tending to Our Glow to Caring For Our Environment

L’Oréal Egypt is making sure we're beautiful on the outside and the inside.

L’Oréal Egypt, which has been catering to our beauty requirement since 2009, recently hosted it's seventh edition of Citizen Day, and this year, they've focused all their energy on giving back to the community. That is, of course, after making sure our hair and skin looked on point.  

For this year’s Citizen Day, L’Oréal Egypt joined forces with Greenish Foundation and the students of Al Darb El Ahmar School for Arts, Culture and Music, to raise environmental awareness. The environment-friendly event took place at Al Genena Theatre in El Azhar Park, where students along with L’Oréal employees saved the earth, one recyclable at a time. Aiming to transform El Genena Theatre School into a completely environmentally-friendly area, part of the initiative's activities included awareness workshops, up-cycling workshops and the creation, painting and decoration of new recycled trashcans; because one’s man’s trash is another man’s treasure, literally.The initiative, which is inspired by l’Oréal Group's sustainable programme "Sharing Beauty With All," was set up in an effort to educate the coming generations on the importance of taking care of the environmen,t and the challenges faced in that respect. It stands for their mission to offer sustainable beauty for all. Because l'Oréal isn’t just about beautiful skin, but a beautiful soul as well. 

L’Oréal Egypt's Managing Director Benoit Julia added “We are delighted that Citizen Day gives our employees the opportunity to educate the children, the new generation, to think green, act green, to recycle and limit waste to make sure their future is in more beautiful plant and build a more sustainable world.”L’Oréal group's “Sharing Beauty With All” was launched in 2013 with the intent of reducing environmental footprint. Delving into four areas - innovating sustainably, producing sustainably, living sustainably and developing sustainably - they’re extending their vision to their employees, suppliers and communities.

L’Oréal organises Citizen Day yearly in around 70 countries, with employees from all over the world and in all levels of seniority taking part. Launching the initiative in 2010, the beauty care mogul continues to accept more and more volunteers, having initially started with 20,000 participants and grown to over 30,000 participants in 2017.  

Now you can now use care for your hair and skin guilt free!

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