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La Bodega in Marassi

Zamalek's legendary restobar will be having some fun in the sun at Marassi, North Coast, this summer...

With summer just around the corner, as all you boys and girls get into your formet el Sahel, all the bars, venues and organizers around town are also beginning to make their summer plans before the party cattle make their way to the North Coast. 

Zamalek's legendary La Bodega bar will be taking their brand of fine dining and boozing to the beaches of Marassi, North Coast this summer at their Golf Club and Academy. The venue will be both indoor and outdoor (including an open air bar), to make sure you can eat your fusilli in the sunshine in your full forma glory, and the shisha will be fueled by another Zamalek staple, We3la Cafe.

They'll be introducing a brand new Mediterranian menu as well, including seafood specialities and Napoli-style pizza. To top it all off, DJ Amr Hosny will be on hand to score the sea-side-fun.

La Bodega Marassi will be open during Ramadan as well for Iftar and Sohour.

To reserve you can call 01027761614.