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Lake Manzala Expansion Project to be Restored by UAE’S National Marine Dredging Company

The UAE’s National Marine Dredging Company has won the bid to expand the Nile Delta’s Lake Manzala, in an effort to restore it to its former glory after decades of shrinkage due to pollution and drainage.

Tucked away in Northeastern Egypt on the Nile Delta, overlooking the four governorates of Port Said, Damietta, Sharqia and Dakhlia, you’ll find Lake Manzala. It was once considered the largest coastal wetland along the Mediterranean coast, a crucial source of relatively inexpensive fish, and an extremely fertile plot of farmland. But over decades of pollution and drainage, the lake has shrunk in size and stature. The soil became salty, the fish began to disappear - the area needed help at a massive scale. And so, as part of Egypt’s efforts to restore Lake Manzala back to its former glory, they’ve awarded the bid to expand Lake Manzala to the UAE’s National Marine Dredging Company, one of the leading companies in the region for dredging, reclamation, and construction. The project is planned to take around two years to complete. Will it regain the life it once had, or even grow into something greater? Only time (and about AED 600 million) will tell.

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