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Le Sahel :A One-Stop-Summer-Loving-Shop

With North Coast spots clamouring for your attention, one chilled-out place combines shisha, sushi and even ping pong for fun all day and night.

Located between Hacienda Bay and Diplo, Le Sahel is definitely the place you're looking for to chill, have some good conversation and just relax in the great outdoors in Sahel; a place to escape the rush of parties and queues for restaurants. The much-needed injection of colour in the 550 Complex is set to be a hot-spot for shisha smokers, sushi eaters and ping pong players alike, already on the lips of North Coast dwellers.

The technicolour lounge serves up mouthwatering Mediterranean fusion food - think fresh fish, hot grills and loads of bites and dips. Le Sahel is also working with One Oak Sushi, located just next door, to serve up the Japanese delicacy under the stars. Between bites, you can play your friends at a round of ping pong or foosball. Better yet, settle that bet with the boys once and for all and prove who's strongest by trying out the mouled style power metre. Poised to be a pumping after-hours stop, they're open around the clock throughout the summer, so when you're bouncing between parties, pass by for a pick-me-up. 

Supporting the summer spirit with full force, they're running a super cute promo wherein anyone who turns up in their swimsuit is eligible for a free slice of pizza! You'll find yourself spending the hours at Le Sahel thanks to its location - if you need a t-shirt or emergency flip flops you'll find a store at 550 that sells them - the same goes for snacks, cigarettes and drinks for the road.

Find out more about Le Sahel here.