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Lebanese Mezze Haven Em Sherif Opens Soon in Egypt

The Beirut-based regional restaurant is opening its doors in Egypt soon!

em sherif

There’s nothing quite like gathering around a table of delicious mezze - and when you’re in a Lebanese restaurant, isn't that basically the main course? Coming soon to help you embrace your true mezze self are Beirut-based Em Sherif who are opening in New Cairo’s The Waterway 2. 

The restaurant brands itself as a café and fine dining restaurant, but we all really know it’s all about the finger food. Em Sherif first opened its doors in Achrafieh and has been a hit ever since, probably owing to the fact that the original branch serves different dishes depending on the day and the season, so diners get to experience the homey feel of not always knowing what to expect.

Em Sherif always tries to take oriental dishes and give them a unique twist, so we’re looking forward to seeing how that would actualize.  We don’t know exactly when the restaurant will open, but you can follow them on their Instagram page for updates.

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