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Light Rail Transit Line to New Administrative Capital Opens on August 2021

Cairo’s long-anticipated New Administrative Capital-10th of Ramadan City LRT line finally has a definitive release date. We’ll be able to ride the new light rail transit line on August 2021.

lrt line

If you're in any way a ferroequinologist (that's right, we busted out the dictionary for that one), you'll be happy to hear that Cairo’s new Light Rail Transit (LRT) line that’s been under construction for years finally has an opening date! Starting August 2021, it’ll provide an easy way for you to get to the New Administrative Capital from as far as 10th of Ramadan City.

The LRT route will be linked with the metro line, monorail, railway, and the express train in order to achieve full efficiency, and it will all be done with eco-friendly construction methods by Hassan Allam Holdings. The total length of the new line will span 84 kilometres, although it was previously 64 kilometres until it received three additional stations, most of which were built in the New Administrative Capital.