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London Cab Wherever You Go

The safest and securest way to get around, especially after a night of hard partying, London Cab will be ready to take you where you're going, whether you're in Cairo, Sahel, Hurghada or Sharm this Eid.

The end of Ramadan is nearly upon us, and we here at CairoScene can barely wait. With Eid coming up at the end of the week, many are scrambling to get Ka7ks in order, while deciding which parties in which cities will be best to release all that pent up hunger anger. Once you have your Ka7k and a place to go, the next question is how will you get there safely? Even more importantly – how will you get home safely? Easily the most stylish and safest way to travel around this Eid, London Cab has come to the rescue.

Are you tired of being jealous of that cousin spending Eid in the UK? Luckily, the people behind SIXT Egypt – the local wing of Germany’s Sixt Rent A Car that’s world renowned for its superior service and top-of-the-line vehicles – feel the same way and decided to bring a little London to big Egypt. So cheer up mate, just put on your finest Burberry, call a London Cab and head for the 'high' Teadance, just one of the three events being put on by ByGanz events this Eid, and outside which the London Cabs will be lining up.

Let's face the facts: often people forget their limits when it comes to partying. Soon the body tells the brain that it is time to curl up into a foetal ball and find a way back to the comforts of your bed. However, this tends to happen before you have even figured out a plan to head home. Don't be an idiot and drive or jump into a random taxi that will take advantage and leave you to awaken naked in the desert – that’s if you even manage to get a cab in the dead of the night on the North Coast. The safest way out of that nightmare is a simple as calling London Cab on 19670 where a dedicated call centre will deal with your request quickly.

The cab itself provides the most privacy you can ever have on Egyptian roads. There is a soundproof glass splitter between you and the driver, so no more listening to cabbies cursing or talking politics. In fact, London Cab have the most professional drivers around, certified to  drive the iconic cars and that know Egypt’s streets like the back of their hands. Better yet, these cabbies don’t accept tips, so the fee the call centre tells you on the phone is the fee you’ll pay – without an awkward moment at the end of the night. Also with enormous amount of room in the back of the cars, you can feel free to curl up into that ball on the ground if you so wish. With all that room in the back London Cab it is easily the most ideal way for disabled individuals or families with children (and all of the hardware that comes along with having a baby).

Keep in mind that London Cab, isn't just a party shuttling service. They also provide rides to the airport, and are the answer to the age-old question: who will bring my kids home from school? With a totally flawless record when it comes to getting you to your destination safely, one can feel reassured that you and your family are in safe capable driving hands.

London Cab is currently providing services in Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm, as well as the North Coast. So if you are in any of these cities during Eid (where else would you be?!), we recommend getting your ka7k, party, and your London Cab in order, and celebrate the end of Ramadan in the safest style. 

For more information, check out London Cab’s Facebook page here and follow @LondonCabEgypt on Twitter. To reserve a London Cab call 19670 from any mobile or landline.