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London's Most Popular Boy's Name is Muhammed

Now they know how we feel when we call our friend and the whole street answers...

Ever shouted out 'Muhammed!' to get your friend's attention, only to find that the whole neighourhood turning around to answer? Yeah, that's pretty much how the UK, most especially, London must be feeling right now as a study discovers that it is the most popular boy's name in the English capital.

With globalisation at its peak, and the spiritual/religious name having been previously announced most popular name internationally, it's only logical to find Arabic names, as well as those of other regions spread around Europe especially in cosmopolitan cities such as London. The English office of National Statistics released figures stating that the most popular baby name in London this year is 'Muhammed', and ranking #10 in the list is 'Mohammed'. Meanwhile, 'Mohammad' is the #56 name in the whole country.