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'Maadi School Terrorist' Arrested

A suspect has been arrested in relation to the terrorist threats launched against international schools in Maadi, targetting the expat community...

Following an official terrorist warning for all international schools in Maadi last week, officials have now confirmed the arrest of a U.S.-Egyptian citizen who posted threatening messages on a jihadist website.

In his posts, the terror suspect announced the targeting of government and foreign interests, including American and foreign schools in Maadi, which host a multitude of foreigners - the main targets of the planned attacks.

In October, the governments of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the UAE were joined by Egypt in warning American schools to be cautious over the threat of planned terrorist attacks at their institutions. In particular, Maadi schools appeared to be in danger as they commonly host large numbers of American teachers and students.

Following this, the arrest of terror suspect Alsayyed Abu Saree, who lived in the United States for 27 years and holds a license to teach at American schools around the globe himself, occurred in Alexandria over the weekend.

American schools have become more of a predictable target for jihadists in the past months due to the certainty of hitting Americans. However, following the warning by the U.S. Mission to Egypt last month, security measures were increased. Abu Saree's arrest comes as a first success in battling the terrorist threat on schools in Maadi.