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Magra El-Eyoon to be Turned into a Cultural Complex

The area is also set to host galleries, restaurants, studio apartments and workshops.

magra el eyoon

After the complete relocation of hundreds of tanneries from within the walls of Magra El-Eyoon to Robiki, the area is due for a total glow-up with the upcoming introduction of cultural and food services to the area. This is set to be a state-of-the-art entertainment complex that truly appreciates and upholds the beauty of the historic Old Cairo area, where visitors can bask in its culture. 

The EGP 1 billion renovation project will also bring two theatres, one of which is open-air, as well as cinemas, restaurants, markets, a handicrafts centre, an art gallery and studio apartments available for short-term rent. Fancy!

There’s been proposals for the building of a cable car to link Al-Fustat Park with Al-Azhar Park to truly show off the city’s civilization and history. The project has the potential to make strides for domestic and international tourists alike, and will put a well-deserved spotlight on such a gorgeous, pivotal area of Cairo.

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