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Maki Your Monday

All-you-can eat sushi is nothing new, but for 6th October, Sheikh Zayed and Alexandria Desert Road dwellers, Shaolin at ElVenue's offer couldn't have come sooner.

When we hear the words "all-you-can-eat", we take it as a personal challenge. The last time that offer was on a table, we spent six hours going back and forth between the buffet and our table which looked like Martha Stewart's funeral. Our next challenge will be this evening, when we head over to ElVenue at Pyramid Hills where the sensational sushi restaurant, Shaolin, is offering the area's first all-you-can eat sushi experience. Every Monday, for just 175 LE (+12%), you can eat as much sushi as your seasoned stomach can handle. 

Sushi Madness is on all day, every Monday at Shaolin. Find out more about ElVenue and all the delicious offerings on their Facebook page here and follow @ElVenueEG.