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Man Lands in ICU after Falling out of Ride at Zamalek Amusement Park

The incident occurred at an amusement park inside the Engineers' Syndicate Club.

An amusement park ride at the Engineers’ Syndicate Club in Zamalek went horribly wrong after it landed one rider in the ICU.

Last Tuesday a trip to the amusement park ended in tragedy when 23-year-old engineer Hossam Mostafa El Sayed fell out of one of the park’s rides. The entire incident was caught on video by one of the victim’s friends. As the ride was doing a flip, one of the seat-belts came undone, leading El Sayed to plummet to the ground. He is currently in critical condition in the ICU.In a segment of the Al Aashera Massa'an show, host Wael El Ibrashy got on the phone with the chairman of the Engineers Syndicate Club, Dr. Mohsen Shahin, to discuss the incident. During the call, Dr. Shahin appeared to blame the accident on the victim, first claiming that he moved and accidentally unbuckled the belt, and then went on to say he was too skinny and so he slipped out of the seat belt.


The incident has raised outrage among the victim's fellow engineers, with many calling for the entire club to be shut down. The Qasr El Nil police department is currently investigating the incident, as many raise allegations of negligence.