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Massar Egbari and The Cadillacs to Rock Mountain View Sahel This Weekend

Mountain View and TEB are collaborating together to offer you an unforgettable summer, and we are aching to be there!

Sahel aspirations and ‘baggage’ don’t mesh well. It’s a fact of life. Summer is often unkind to those of us who drag their kids to Sahel every year with the insane delusion that we can actually distract them long enough to take a dip in the cool turquoise waters.

Well, you know what they say, those who never give up, win – and our childlike persistence is about to pay off because Mountain View Ras El Hikma is about to get a whole lot more family friendly. The gorgeous coastal property has teamed up with fun-having experts The Events Boutique (TEB) to keep your children busy.

This Friday July 15th, they’re gearing up for a fun fest of epic proportions with two heavy doses of awesome – Massar Egbari and The Cadillacs – who will rock the beach and send you home on a euphoric trip.This would be a great opportunity to instil some good taste in the kids and counter their MTV syndrome. However, they’re most probably going to be fast asleep by then because TEB has a super busy entertainment schedule planned for the little monsters this weekend. Let them screech at clowns and jugglers and stomp their feet to superheroes while you go for a swim. You can make it up to them after you come out of the water with a game of Beat the Parents; let them beat the bejesus out of you and they’ll cherish you forever. Also, bring your parents so you can release the big kid in you, too. "Where else can kids beat the parents and parents party without their kids to the dazzling tunes of the extraordinary Massar Egbari and The Cadillacs other than at Mountain View's Ras El Hikma beach?" TEB Events point out. We did some investigative journalism on our own to verify Shabrawy's claims. Our sources, Spiderman and Batman, told us "We were planning to go to Italy but we got a better offer from TEB to work at Mountain View Ras El Hikma."

So, it is safe to assume that we will have a banging time at Mountain View Ras El Hikma this summer – especially since TEB has so much more in store for us. A little bird tells us that children’s interactive theatre company Sitara and musicos HOH and Screw Driver are all set for some stage time of their own in August. You didn’t hear it from us.  

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