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Metropolitan School's Winter Wonderland Showcases Student Engagement with Magical Performances

The celebrations included student performances and a variety of games.

Christmas performance

Metropolitan School’s Winter Wonderland is an annual event that incorporates a Christmas bazaar and a musical show with a variety of activities and games to create an abundance of wintertime cheer. Families and staff all came together in cheerful spirit to see students channel their talents on stage while parents were invited to browse and shop at the Winter Wonderland Christmas Bazaar to enjoy some holiday nibbles.

By making a creative outlet for students to display their musical talents on stage, children were able to channel their artistic side delivering a comprehensive educational experience. Besides, who doesn’t love a good Christmas carol?

This annual event is in line with the Metropolitan School’s vision to encourage their students to play a larger role in society. Through this magical gathering, the school offered a cultural experience that is central to an outstanding education.

The very merry celebration also emersed students in cultural events and manifest their artistry by learning through play. This performance is but one of the many ways Metropolitan School ensures that they expand the minds of their students to reach out to their communities while equipping them with a passion for learning.

Metropolitan School focuses on breeding a generation of ambitious and engaged students that seek opportunity rather than wait for it. By ensuring that their students are provided with hands-on education, the school encourages a young generation of future moguls that just might know how to croon a Christmas song or two.