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Miniawy & Saleh and Nadah El Shazly: Letting Music Happen

A new wave of Arabic musicians is infiltrating Cairo's modern soundscape and leading the way are Abdullah Miniawy and Ahmed Saleh, as well as songstress Nadah El Shazly, who are taking to the Cairo Jazz Club stage on February 10th.

Two guys from vastly different backgrounds one day found themselves cooperating on a musical collaboration in Alexandria one day. Music had been their life, both as a hobby as well as a profession, and after they hit the stage together by chance just a few days after they met, a duo was born. The feedback and the harmony of their sounds worked so well that their fan base has steadily grown since their serendipitous first meeting in May 2013.

Those two guys were none other than Abdullah Miniawy and Ahmed Saleh who are gracing Cairo Jazz Club with their presence on Tuesday, February 10th. Now, Cairo Jazz Club’s Tuesdays have a long tradition of rocking a mid-week night, however, this time the night will be rocked with a new experiment that Miniawy and Saleh are planning to expose to Cairo in a big way.

The duo doesn’t make music, they let it music happen. Their objective is to bring all their musical knowledge together to create the best sound. In doing so, knowledge on musical technology and skill is just as important as the passion and heart for music the two share. The skills they acquired through visual art, performing in the streets and Sufisim are all blending in with their electronically-fuelled sound that can make everybody dance and chill and rave in equal measure.

To get the crowd going, Nadah El Shazly will be playing a set prior to the Electric duo continuing their flow of music. Being an independent songstress in her own right, El Shazly has explored her unique sound with only one goal in mind: getting lost in the music. She takes her audience on a musical journey where her voice is a guide through a variety of set up and improvised sounds. Her technical knowledge, passionate preparation and passion for music has stunned us before, and we expect to be stunned again. 

Talent and passion inspires both performances that night but the skill and calculation of what awesome music sounds like will make this an extraordinary night for music lovers, learners and analyzers. A night of epic sounds and music that explores the mind is upon us, and we cannot wait to let the sound happen and see where it takes us at Cairo Jazz Club next week.