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Ministry Begins to Move Four Sphinxes from Karnak Temple to Tahrir Square

The sphinxes were moved on Friday.


The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has begun to relocate four sphinxes from Luxor’s Karnak Temple on Friday to Tahrir Square as part of a larger plan to attract tourism to the downtown area.

The sphinxes chosen were among a group of 60 sphinxes found behind the first edifice of Karnak Temple, but are distinct from their more famous counterparts standing in Luxor’s Avenue of Sphinxes which serves as the popular entryway into the temple.

The artefacts are a part of 122 items that have been transferred out of Luxor in the past year, mainly heading to the Grand Egyptian Museum. A Pharaonic obelisk will also stand in the square alongside the sphinxes. How do you feel about moving these artefacts from Luxor to Tahrir? Let us know in the comments below.