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Ministry of Health Launches Emergency Coronavirus Ambulance

They'll soon hit the roads of Cairo, Alexandria, South Sinai, Luxor and Aswan.


The Egyptian Ministry of Health will be launching an ambulance service for patients who show symptoms of the Coronavirus, even though there hasn't been any diagnosed cases in Egypt as of yet (so you can take a deep breath... but maybe not too deep).

The total cost of the initiative goes well over LE55 million, with three trained medical personnel designated to each of the 10 vehicles. The ambulance cars are said to be “self-sterilizing” using an internal fume system and have been deployed to Cairo, Alexandria, South Sinai, Luxor and Aswan.

All ports in Egypt - both air and sea - will be equipped with quarantine points to prevent the virus from sneaking into the country. Just days ago, Egypt joined a number of countries in stopping all incoming flights from China, where the death toll reached 132, with confirmed cases ranging around 6,000. Worldwide, the virus has already spread to over 17 countries, so fingers crossed that Egypt won't join their numbers. Do you think the ambulance service is going far enough? Let us know in the comments below.