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Ministry of Tourism Debunks Rumours Surrounding Aquarium Grotto Garden

A recent statement confirmed that Zamalek's iconic Aquarium Grotto Garden will not have its trees or buildings torn down to accomodate a new parking lot or garage.

In response to rumours surrounding the fate of Zamalek's iconic Aquarium Grotto Garden and its proposed redevelopment, the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities has confirmed that the landmark will not be removed from the Supreme Council of Antiquities’ list of protected Egyptian, Islamic and Coptic antiquities, meaning that neither its trees nor its buildings will be torn down to accomodate a new parking lot or garage.

The Supreme Council of Antiquities elaborated that an internal technical committee suggested that a small area without buildings could be converted into a parking lot. This suggestion has remained no more than a suggestion, however, and was never officially submitted to the Supreme Council's Board of Directors, a required protocol under a recent mandate that dictates that any and all proposals for the development of historical, architectural or heritage sites must be presented to the Supreme Council of Antiquities before they can be enacted upon.

The Supreme Council confirmed that it will go through with plans to develop and renovate the Aquarium Grotto Garden, stressing that they will not take any decision that will harm the garden's treasured architectural heritage.