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Miss Overweight Egypt 2013

A new Facebook-based beauty contest only accepts overweight women who are competing for the title of Miss Bakaboza. We're not making this up.

Worried that piling on a few extra pounds this Christmas might damage your chances of becoming Miss Egypt? Fear not fatties, we've found a beauty contest designed especially for the larger ladies among you.

"Miss Bakaboza" (Miss Overweight), the brainchild of Egyptian fashion designer Marwa Al-Said will see 20 'curvaceous real women' compete under the slogan "I am overweight and beautiful." Said claims the 'big idea' came while watching Miss Universe on New Year's Eve....alone...crying, we assume.

The only requirements for entry are a dedication to the pageant (pretty standard) and that entrants have talents or hobbies other than being overweight. The weight for girls starts at 85 to 120 kilograms in order to participate.

The winner, chosen from a Facebook poll, will have an opportunity to work as a model in a photo shoot. And best of all, the winner will be announced on New Year’s Eve meaning no more TV and ice cream alone. Everyone's a winner - kind of.