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Mmmmmmmmmm Pear Babies?

China's weirdest new trend is fruits in the shapes of… babies. Yes, that's right, you can now eat fruit babies.

There is a trend emerging out of China that may change the way we see and eat fruit in the near future. Apparently, a farmer with a lot of time and a hunger for babies has managed to manipulate pears to be shaped like little babies.

Thankfully the shape isn't the result of a genetically modified experiment, but is rather the result of encasing each pear in a plastic mold while it continues to grow. The end result is a fat serene baby pear that cost $3-5 a pear.

The local farmer who began the baby fruit craze believed that children would much prefer fruit that was in the shape of babies. "Who can resist a beautiful baby? And who could resist a lovely piece of fruit that looks like one?" says De He. "It occurred to me I would be on to a winner if I could market fruit in the form of perfectly formed, innocent babies, and that has proven to be the case. Local supermarkets cannot get enough of the stuff." Even the molds have become popular, as some have taken to shaping their own fruit, signalling a potential end to the shapes of fruits we have come to know and love.

It is absolutely amazing that this turned out to be so profitable, and part of the marketing is spreading the rumour that farmers are alleging that just one bite from a “baby pear” will add 47,000 years to one’s life!

Clearly this isn't true, but for those who believe it, $3 seems like a bargain for immortality.