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Mochi Bites

Is this the latest dessert trend to hit Egypt? Get your taste buds at the ready...

We are a fickle bunch when it comes to food, aren't we? Cupcakes came, we ate them all. Cronuts came, we ate them all... What will our easily manipulated taste buds devour next? Could Mochi be the next sweet-tooth trend to hit Cairo?

Mochi Bites has opened in Cairo, currently available for delivery in Katameya and Heliopolis. If you don't know what Mochi is, it's a Japanese confection made from sticky rice with an ice-cream filling, meaning you can actually eat ice-cream with your hands, in little tiny bites. "The idea started in January 2013 when I was in Thailand travelling around. I saw a Mochi stand and I didn’t know what it was. I tried it and fell in love," Hassan Khairat, a finance student at AUC and founder of Mochi Bites told us.

They come in a massive variety of flavors with different dipping sauces, including chocolate with chocolate chips, mango with mango pieces, pistachio, and vanilla infused with brownies and Toblerone. "What I am trying to do is create a combination of traditional Japanese Mochi with an Egyptian touch." And so far Egyptians have fawned over this new fangled dessert - Khairat told us he's been inundated with orders for gatherings and weddings, going on to explain that the mistika with pistachio and rose water has been a favourite.

They are also gluten free for those of you who know what that is or at least pretend to.

Interestingly enough 10% of all their profits will go to development projects of your choice. Every time you make a purchase you will be asked to choose from 3 projects, and the project that gets the most votes gets the money. Well, there you go, eat little balls of Japanese dessert AND save the world.

You can check out Mochi Bites on Facebook and Instagram.