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Mohamed Ramadan Has Been Sentenced to 6 Months in Prison

The 'Ostoora' has responded to the news in typically nonchalant fashion.

Mohamed Ramadan Jail

Egyptian actor, Mohamed Ramadan - aka Numbar 1 - has been sentenced to jail for insulting Mohamed Abdel Motaal, president of television network MBC Egypt, according to Masrawy.

The case was opened back in May when Ramadan posted a video on his Facebook page responding to a statement released by Abdel Motaal accusing him of not revoking his contract with the channel by not returning the deposit for screening his series in Ramadan 2018. In the video, Ramadan clarified that he is signed to a company that owns multiple channels, and that there is no contract between him and Abdel Motaal. He described the statement as a “false statement from a liar.” He accused MBC and its president of slandering the actor and DMC, the channel which aired his series Nesr El Saeed in Ramadan.

Abdel Motaal responded with a lawsuit at the Dokki Court of Misdemeanors, which sentenced Ramadan to 6 months and a parole of EGP 10,000 as a temporary civil compensation.

After the news broke out, Ramadan responded in a video interview with El Youm 7, assuring fans that he is still safe and sound in his office, working hard like the Numbar 1 he is. The actor said he is currently working on a new series for Ramadan 2019.

Main image from YouTube