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Mortada: Hadary's a Witch!

In the latest of his rants, Madman Mortada Mansour accuses Egypt's best goalkeeper of sorcery and black magic. Obviously.

Some may call it luck, while others will call it years of training and dedication. As for Madman Mortada Mansour, he believes that Hadary's amazing performance in goal against Zamalak was nothing more than black magic. Essam al-Hadary is a seasoned veteran who has played for the Egyptian national team on many occasions. Currently he is Wadi Degla's net-minder and is playing some of his best football of the season in a match that ended in a draw with Zamalek.

Considering Mansour is the chairman for the premier league football club Zamalek, it is understandable for him to be upset his team didn't win. However, appearing on TV after the game and seriously accusing the goalie of using black magic is why we here at CairoScene refer to him as Madman Mortada.

“Zamalek were great today but al-Hadary’s net was locked by genies and ghosts, and he has been doing that for a really long time,” said the Zamalak chairman on CBC television after the match.

“Of course he did a great job today but there were bizarre misses from open-goal chances, so that wasn’t totally him. It was the help of his little demons. I am not kidding. I want to tell you that Hadary uses ghosts and demons to stop it [the ball from going in] and that’s enough.”

Just when you thought he couldn't say anything crazier that, the former presidential candidate assures his doubters that “I know the sheikh [sorcerer] that you deal with to help you with these paranormal forces. He is from a Southern-Arab state,” Mortada concluded.

By now, Egyptian should be used to hearing Mortada saying crazy things, the real question will be if we will ever get tired of laughing at this sad old madman.