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Nancy Ajram to Speak Out About Home Invasion Experience in New Tell-All Documentary

In this new documentary, 'The Full Story', the Lebanese diva Nancy Ajram will be opening up about the home invasion that she and her family were exposed to earlier in 2020, in which her husband shot and killed the assailant.

In January 2020, everyone across the Middle East were shocked to hear about Nancy Ajram’s home invasion experience. Grainy security footage of her husband, Fadi Al-Hashem, chasing an armed assailant across the house was all that most of us were able to see. And as we learned more, we found out that the invader snuck in while the couple's children were still in the house, and that Al-Hashem shot him dead. It was a dramatic story that left fans praying for the celebrity family’s safe recovery, but we still don't know everything that happened then... until now.

Premiering through the streaming platform Shahid VIP on July 16th,  Nancy Ajram and Fadi Al-Hashem plan to open up about the incident in a new documentary titled 'The Full Story'. And it seems the documentary will live up to its name; when asked if she will be exposing all details of the event, Nancy Ajram replied, “Of course.” We suppose all that's left to do, then, is to listen - which we will be able to do once the tell-all documentary premieres through streaming platform Shahid on July 16th.