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National Council for Women Asks for this Friday’s Sermon to Tackle Harassment

Dr. Maya Morsi of the National Council for Women calls for this Friday prayer’s sermon to address sexual harassment and assault.

As the country becomes entrenched in the much-needed national dialogue on harassment and sexual assault, Dr. Maya Morsi of the National Council for Women has sent a request that this Friday prayer’s sermon address the subject and better educate the public on "what it means to respect women."

In an interview with Ahmed Moussa on his television programme, ‘Ala Masouleity,’ Dr. Morsi stressed on the responsibility families have to provide their girls with a safe space to speak while supporting and encouraging them to reclaim their rights. She also reminded the public that any harassment or blackmailing taking place on social media is also punishable by federal law. Dr. Morsi asked that any victims of blackmailing or sexual assault come forward with their stories.