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Nefertiti Recreated As a White Woman And The Internet is Furious

On last night’s Today show, we got an exclusive first look of Queen Nefertiti’s bust discovered recently in Egypt, and it’s white.

Last night, Nefertiti's bust, which was unearthed by archeologist Josh Gates, was revealed on The Today Show, and as per the recreation, she had fair skin. The remains of the bust were discovered in Egypt and reconstructed by a team of professionals. Elisabeth Dayne, which had previously recreated King Tut's bust (Nefertiti's son) was in charge of sculpting the Egyptian Queen's bust. When asked if he thinks the bust is accurate, Gates described it as “spot on”.

Comparing it to the most famous Nefertiti bust which is in Berlin and painted a darker shade, Josh comments that the one in Germany is an "idealised image, sort of an ancient photoshop."

 Following the Today show episode, people took to twitter to express their outrage at what they called "white washing" Nefertiti's bust.