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New App Lets You Keep Calm and Panic!

Yalahwy is a new Egyptian app that notifies your Facebook friends if anything goes wrong when you're out and about.

Let's say you're taking a taxi at 3 AM and you're a bit tipsy; the driver looks kind of dodgy and all of a sudden he takes a weird turn down a street you've never been through and you start to panic. What do you do? Let's say you're taking a dangerous trip to Ain Sokhna in the fog and rain, you know it usually takes two hours but you never know what could happen on those slippery roads. Let's say you're being followed and harassed by a bunch of men on the street, Let's say you're walking down the street late at night and a group of Neo-Nazi crack dealers being to approach you with nun-chucks and you start to panic. What do you do?

No, we haven't been playing too much. The world is, according to new app Yalahwy, a fearful world filled with paranoia and accidents and it has come to save the day. Yalahwy, available on Android, is a new personal safety application that allows you to press a big red PANIC button in case of emergency and it will notify all of your friends on Facebook of your location and that you are in trouble.

You can also create trips - for example, 30 minutes from here to Mohandessin - and if you do not make it in time, the application will notify your friends that something has gone wrong.

Despite the fact that the Ahmed Mahmoud featured on the app store's screenshot is clearly CIA, the simplicity of the application means downloading it is a no-brainer... just make sure you're not the boy who cries wolf!

Download the App for Android here.