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New 'First Abu Dhabi Bank' Initiative is Lighting Up Dark Sahel Highways to Promote Road Safety

Drive safe. The beach can wait.


With pristine beaches, exquisite beach clubs and countless restaurants and food joints, Sahel has officially become the ultimate beach destination in Egypt, and is in a quick ascendance to claim its rightful spot on a global scale. One downside of the North Coast that we're all too familiar with, however, is how tricky its highways can be. While having witnessed immense renovation, it remains very dark here and there, which doesn't make for a perfectly safe road trip. 

Properly addressing the dilemma, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) has launched a brand new ad campaign that is oh so much more than just that. Up and down Sahel highway, massive FAB billboards are, aside from promoting the brand of one of MENA's banking giants, are also designed to light up the road in the bank's effort to make it safer for drivers and commuters.

"We are using our billboards to serve a bigger purpose than mere marketing," said Interim CEO & Head of CIB –FAB Egypt Moataz Khalil to CairoScene. "With this simple campaign, we are helping improve road safety, and we're proud of the feedback we have received so far and look forward to working on other community-focused marketing initiatives."

The initiative, Shine a Light, comes as part of FAB's efforts to give back to the communities it serves, and compliment the bank's efforts to go beyond the call of duty to promote road safety and safe-driving.

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